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I pour my heart and thoughts here. Pardon my words

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I had tried to express myself, but couldn't do that because I was afraid that it will hurt someone. I never knew that not expressing myself hurt myself

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone

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Confident and arrogant is a different things
{PERMALINK} Sunday, 15 June 2014 0 Comments {S}

memang kadang-kadang rasa menyampah nak berdepan dengan manusia yang berlagak cerdik sangat. It's ok to feed yourself with confidence, but by being an arrogant doesn't brought you anywhere..

Yes, independent bagi aku sangat general. Dengan berdikari tak semestinya kau boleh buat semua benda by your own self without asking an opinion dari orang lain. Bagi aku ada perbezaan antara minta pertolongan dengan bertanyakan pendapat.. stop act like you worth my respect. Seriously you don't!

Aku boleh survive sendiri, tapi aku lebih suka survive dalam keadaan aku tak nak menyusahkan orang lain pada masa depan dengan keputusan yang aku buat dan dengan langkah yang aku ambil. Keep in your mind, everything yang kita buat kekadang do effect people around us. So that it would be better if you considered others opinion jugak, BUT not to depend 100% from it. So, when you asking for my help just now, sorry to say that aku memang sengaja balas balik "survive la sendiri"... bukan niat jahat, tapi sekadar nak peringat balik ayat kau semalam.. So that kau boleh fikir-fikirkan balik kot?


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